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Desktop Widgets for macOS

Design terrific Widgets for your Mac. Place them everywhere.

Add widgets to your Macs desktop

Superlayer gives you a unique way to create delightful widgets for your Mac in no time. Choose from a variety of gorgeous pre-designed widgets — all highly customizable — and place them anywhere you want, directly onto your screen.

Instantly addable. Never forgettable.

Instantly add widgets you soon won’t live without: Like clocks, calendars, countdowns, hardware usages, network traffic, images, videos and many more. Superlayer displays what matters to you and makes it all look beautiful, too!

Design. Customize. Arrange. Repeat.

Widgets can be finely tuned to fit your needs. Change colors, fonts, layouts, everything! Create multiple scenes—each with a different set of widgets for a particular use case. Export your creations in a blink to share them with the world.

Turn your screen in something truly spectacular

Have you just hovered me?

Hover effects ensure that widgets never obscure anything else on your screen. Hotkey and URL scheme support lets you automate or remote control Superlayer in powerful ways.


Version 1.0.7
Size 68 MB
Compatibility macOS 12.6+