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Mirror Magnet

Desktop Camera Viewer

Your camera image in front of everything else

An image showing a keystroke visualization on an iMac screen.

A mirror that stays on top

Mirror Magnet lives in your status bar and acts smart: The video fades out and blurs when you hover it with your mouse cursor so it never gets in your way. The video’s appearance is fully customizable (shape, aspect ratio, size, border) and the app offers fine-grained adjustments to improve the overall image quality.


  • Fine-grained video adjustments: Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Quality, Zoom Factor
  • Intelligent and configurable opacity and blur on mouse hover
  • Customizable looks: Shape, Aspect Ratio, Orientation, Size, Border, Shadow, Opacity
  • Multi-monitor support

Make your how-tos look more professional – and, just as important, more helpful

More great features

  • Quick toggle: Use a global hot key or option-click the app icon
  • Autostart: Automatically launch the app on login
  • Optimized for macOS 11+
  • Optimized for Mac with M1 (Apple Silicon)


Version 1.4
Size 15 MB
Compatibility macOS 11.0+