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Search smart, copy fast & learn digital typography

Explore Glyphs

Find the symbols you’re searching for in an instant—thanks to smart search! It’s also fun to explore new glyphs by browsing through Entity Pro’s beautiful Card or List View—whether you’re a designer, developer or author.

Learn Digital Typography

Entity Pro features enriching advice and helps you to use your glyphs in a typographically appropriate way. Inspect symbols in detail and explore metrics like ascender, descender or x‑heights by using the Detail View.

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Copy Entities

Even if you’re offline: Unicodes (Hex), Decimals, named HTMLs, Swift—everything is at your fingertips. To copy an entity, use your MacBook’s TouchBar, the menu, hit return or click directly on it and boom: It’s copied immediately to your pasteboard.

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Curated & Customisable

Choose your favourite symbols from over 100+ curated glyph collections—or create a custom one that fits your individual needs.


  • Smart & fast search engine
  • Typography advice for better digital typesetting
  • Works 100 % offline
  • Glyph Metrics: Inspect ascender, descender and x-heights
  • Native macOS experience
  • Touchbar Support for MacBook Pros
  • Brilliant in dark and light
  • Curated: Choose from over one hundred glyph collections
  • Customisable: Create your very own glyph collection
  • Made for digital creators and macOS


Version 1.5
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Compatibility macOS 11.0+
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