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Spring & Easing Curve Editor

Supercharge your animations in apps, websites and prototypes

Screenshot of Couverture for macOS, a spring and easing curve editor with animation previews in realtime.

Level up your animation game

Great animations are the couverture in the design of top-notch user interfaces, websites and apps. Spring, Easing or Timing Curves are made to specify the rate of change in an animation over time. Couverture lets you manage, edit and preview those curves in realtime. It is a powerful way to create sophisticated animations for your creative projects.

High on Highlights

  • Spring and easing curve editor
  • Store, manage and export curves
  • Preview animations in realtime
  • Ready-to-go: Ships with 24 easing curves and 13 spring curves
  • Export curves in many formats, such like SwiftUI, Core Animation, UIKit, CSS, images (PNG), float literals

Easing the work for easing your curves

A curve ahead

Store and manage your custom designed curves right within the app. Export them as code snippet for a variety of programming frameworks. Generate curve-based CSS keyframe animations or save curves as Image files. Magic begins with the insanely playful animation preview. It pushes you to create never-seen-before, more interesting animation curves. They will set your creative work apart.

There’s more to tell

  • Optimized for macOS 12+
  • Optimized for Mac with M1 (Apple Silicon)
  • macOS Shortcuts support
  • Privacy by design. No analytics. Your data stays offline, on your device, where it belongs.


Version 1.1
Size 40 MB
Compatibility macOS 12+