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AI Photo

Stable Diffusion Text-to-Image

A convenient, offline text-to-image generator for your Mac, iPhone and iPad

Less hassle. More fun.

AI Photo is a user-friendly text-to-image generator app that creates photos and artworks, all offline, based on your image description. Supercharged by Stable Diffusion. Optimised for Apple silicon.

Cutting-edge — here’s why

  • Privacy by Design: Computes offline, directly on your Mac, iPhone or iPad
  • It screams: Highly optimised for Apple silicon chips (M1 and M2)
  • Organise and manage your artworks in Collections or save them as Favourites
  • A lightning fast and surprisingly smart Search Engine
  • Built with Pros in Mind: Change Steps, Seeds, Guidance Scales
  • One user interface to serve them all: Exclusively on the Mac, you can add custom CoreML models
  • Built-in safety mechanisms to filter possible outcomes

Stable Diffusion in your pocket